Gorlyn IT Management provides a professional, experienced procurement service for your company. GITM does procurement for private businesses as well as various government agencies, and it has the know-how to ensure that you, our client, get the product you need at the best possible price. In an era of growing demand for IT products in the business environment, it is crucial for a business to quickly get the products they need without the hassle and confusion of finding the best price and the most trusted seller. Gorlyn IT Management takes care of all the legwork, so our clients can focus on running their business.

Based on either a Gorlyn IT Management designed solution or your own product specifications, we can procure the best in-class products as required for your communication installations. Our Logistics Group has strong relationships with key manufacturers, to ensure that you receive the components necessary to assemble a complete and fully-functional system, in a timely manner, at a reasonable price.

GITM's procurement services range from cable to digital communication to power management to transportation and automotive parts. Our broad range of experience in the procurement business means we have connections with many of the important businesses across the industry, and the practical expertise to provide not only a top-tier part at a top-tier price, but above all, top-tier customer satisfaction.


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Marilyn Hyacinth
Phone: (718) 977-9771
Cell Phone: (917) 202-5972
Email: mhyacint@gorlyn.com